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Challenge Confidence...

UPDATED 1st March 2021

On the 22nd February the Government issued its roadmap for coming out of the current Lockdown. The 17th May is the earliest time that people from the UK will be allowed to travel abroad and that is if the success of the vaccine rollout continues and if there is no further surge in cases.

We have therefore taken the decision to defer all of our events up to and including May and some of our June (Kilimanjaro) trips to ensure your health on our events is our primary focus.
As we move into the Summer and Autumn we will be assessing each particular challenge 3 months before its departure, and if the FCDO advice is that we are not able to travel to that country, then the event will be postponed and you will have a choice of dates to defer to and even switch destination if you would prefer.

The Vaccine rollout has been an incredible success and by the end of July a large percentage of the UK will be vaccinated. There is also some talk of Covid Vaccine certificates to enable people to travel although we are waiting for more information to be issue on this point.

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Covid-Secure Services...

To ensure that you have the safest possible challenge in Tanzania we have put the following measures in place. Join us on your next adventure Challenge - and we believe it is possible to have a safe, secure and fun challenge even in these difficult times.  

Prior to Departure

3 MONTHS BEFORE: We wil review the current travel guidance and the situation in Tanzania, to ensure it is still safe and responsible to travel.

1 MONTH BEFORE: We will let you know what the current Tanzanian entry requirement are.

    In Tanzania


All our STAFF are checked for signs of the Covid-19 infection before each climb, and will not be contracted for the climb if they display symptoms. If there is a vaccine by the time of your challenge we will ensure that all staff are vaccinated.

Transfers & Transport

ALL TRANFERS (to/from Airport, to from mountain etc)

  • The coach will be deep cleaned prior to your arrival with no entrance possible before or during your transfers.

  • All windows open for transfers.

  • The driver will be wearing a face mask.

  • You will be responsible for handling your own luggage on and off the coach

  • You must wear protective masks on journeys.

  • You will have a seat free next to you to ensure distancing.

Your Hotel

We have worked with several hotels in the Kilimanjaro area for 20+ years now and have chosen your hotel because of its ability to comply with our Covid-19 safety measurements.

  • You will unload your own luggage from the coach and take it to your room.
  • Your room keys will be cleaned with Alcohol gel prior to your arrival and distributed by the Action Challenge Leader.
  • Staff will be checked daily for exposure and signs of the Covid-19 infection.
  • All hotel/restaurant staff will wear face masks.
  • All rooms will have twin beds spread as far apart as possible with a minimum of 1 meter to ensure social distancing.
  • All rooms will be cleaned with Alcohol spray.

The Restaurant

  • Dining chairs and tables will be cleaned with antibacterial gel after each meal.
  • Meals will be held in an outdoor area if there is one and if the weather is appropriate.
  • Seating will be 1 meter apart – or as best spaced as possible.
  • The preparation and delivery of the food will be according to the highest hygiene methods.
  • Meals will be cooked food, served in a buffet style and you will help yourself from the buffet. You must wear protective gloves to handle common serving dishes/utensils.

Services on the Mountain

  • You will have a single tent on the mountain.
  • Your tent and mattress will be cleaned and sprayed the first time its erected prior to your arrival and from that moment it belongs to you throughout the challenge.
  • Staff erecting and packing away the tents must wear protective gloves and clean hands with alcohol antibacterial gel before touching the tents.
  • There will be multiple hand cleaning stations in camps.
  • Staff will be checked daily for exposure to or signs of the Covid-19 infection.
  • The Kitchen/food/serving staff and head guide will be kept apart from all other staff throughout the challenge.

Your Responsibility

  • You must bring a daily (if disposable) change of facemasks for the duration of the challenge.
  • You must have your own personal supply of Antibacterial Gel (70% Alcohol).
  • We always have a kit check prior to departure to ensure that you have all the required equipment.

Our Responsibility

  • We will bring extra supplies of face masks, surgical gloves and Antibacterial Gel (70% Alcohol).
  • Daily temperature checks from the UK Medic.

The Local Hospital

  • In most instances any hospital visit will be related to Altitude Sickness and involve a check-up or an overnight stay.
  • The main hospital that we use in the first instance is Kilimanjaro KCMC Hospital.

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5 Star Challenge Confidence 699

We want everyone who books a challenge with us to have peace of mind. That's why we've launched our 5-Star Promise - giving you Challenge Confidence:

1. UK medic on every Challenge Group as standard

Get peace of mind, knowing that you have the support of a UK qualified medic with you every step of the way on every Challenge Group.


They will run daily check ups, and are on hand to help with any medical issues that arise during the challenge.

2. Covid-secure services in Tanzania

We've been working closely with our team in Tanzania to develop Covid-secure processes on the ground in Tanzania. 


From more space on bus transfers and at meal times, to crew screenings before every climb and temperature checks while on the mountain -  plus our usual high standards of hygeine & service throughout. See this page for more details.

3. If another lockdown, change date at no extra cost

If there is another lockdown, or travel restrictions that affect your departure date, then you can change to another departure date at no extra cost. This can be another Kilimanjaro Challenge date, or another challenge entirely, such as Everest Base Camp or Machu Picchu.

4. No quibble, money-back guarantee if trip cancelled

If your trip date can't go ahead due to a lockdown or travel restrictions, you can switch to any other challenge date at no extra cost.


However, if this doesn't work for you, then we are offering a no-quibble money back guarantee. 


If you can't go on your chosen date, then you won't be out of pocket.

5. Secure your place today for a low deposit

Start your Kilimanjaro adventure today, and secure your place with our low deposits.

Pay a small initial deposit to secure your place, and pay nothing until else until 10 weeks before departure!

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