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There are 8 Kilimanjaro routes, which vary in distance & duration. We've selected the best for our Kilimanjaro treks, with built-in acclimatisation features and excellent summit success rates. All are fully supported climbs with the best local Kilimanjaro teams and high quality private camping facilities.

We offer 2 styles of Kilimanjaro Group trip - 'Challenge Groups' accompanied by a UK Mountain Leader & Medic (available for all itineraries) - and for more experienced trekkers - Kilimanjaro 'Local Climb Groups' led by Tanzanian Head Guides on the Lemosho & Rongai Routes. All Kilimanjaro itineraries are fully inclusive - with hotels, food, camping equipment - avialable with flights or as 'land only'.

For a private Bespoke Trip - choose any Kilimanjaro itinerary - and then you can tailor accommodation options, support services, and any extras - to make it your own special Kilimanjaro Challenge!

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There're 8 Kilimanjaro routes. However some join up with each other & merge - so it's worth looking at our Kilimanjaro map for a sense of the geography.


MACHAME ROUTE - popular and comes in from the South through the rain forest . 6 or 7 days  trek with camp sites en route, and via Barafu high camp and Stella Point to Kilimanjaro's summit.


MARANGU ROUTE - known as the KIlimanjaro 'Coca Cola Route'as many were on cheap 5 day 'dashes' with poor success rates. Accommodation is in huts of varying levels of quality. Not a route we use or recommend - camping is better on Kilimanjaro!


NORTHERN CIRCUIT - follow in the footsteps of Comic Relief on this quiet route accessed via Lemosho Route - heading clockwise around Kilimanjaro with great views over Kenya and remote camp sites. Joins Rongai Route at Gilman's Point - done over 8 days.


LEMOSHO ROUTE - approaches Kilimanjaro from the West and joins the Machame Route on Day 3. Popular - and is one of the 'classic' Kilimanjaro routes with stunning scenery - often done over 7 days


SHIRA ROUTE - also heads to Kilimanjaro from the West and joins the Lemosho / Machame Routes on the Shira Plateau. Not used that much - as the Lemosho Route is a better Kilimanjaro experience.


RONGAI ROUTE - Starts in the North East near the Kenya boarder. Quieter with more wildlife and shorter trekking distances on the first few days of the Kilimanjaro climb. Normally done over 6 or 7 days with camping  - via Kibo High Camp and Gillmans Point - and then around to join other routes at Stella Point on the way to the summit of Kilimanjaro.


UMBWE ROUTE - starts in the South and is the short & steep way up to Kilimanjaro's Barranco Camp - where it joins up with the Lemosho / Machame Routes. Really only used on 'special climbs' - as a quick way up Kilimanjaro for climbers already acclimatised (eg on Mt Meru).


WESTERN BREACH - accessed from the Lemosho / Machame Routes from Lava Tower - and is the tough way up Kilimanjaro to the crater and summit from Arrow Glacier Camp - to the West of the mountain. Used only on tough Kilimanjaro itineraries - with the right levels of support & levels of experience.



We've 7 key itineraries covering the main Kilimanjaro routes. Some are shorter - some are tougher - and all have excellent success rates. They include full support on the mountain, UK leaders & doctors in our 'Challenge Groups' - and good quality camping & services in private areas at camp sites along the Kilimanjaro routes. We have a Kilimanjaro climb for everyone...


LEMOSHO ROUTE - 7 Day Kilimanjaro Climb (11 day trip from UK) - approaches from West - 72km trekking - good acclimatisation features - popular as it's one of the best with stunning views. Challenge Groups - and as Local Climb Group


RONGAI ROUTE - 7 Day Kilimanjaro Climb (11 day trip from UK) - approaches from North - 67km trekking - with full acclimatisation day - quieter route with more wildlife and shorter days initially. Challenge Groups - and as Local Climb Group.


MACHAME ROUTE - 6 Day Kilimanjaro Climb (10 day trip from UK) - approaches from South - 65km trekking - rain forest on day 1 - joins into Lemosho Route - quite tough as it's a long day from Barranco Camp to the Summit. Challenge Groups only.


NORTHERN CIRCUIT - 8 Day Kilimanjaro Climb (12 day trip from UK) - a quiet route, with smaller camp sites - and heads around the northern side of the mountain with amazing views out towards Kenya. The extra day gives excellent acclimatisation and the opportunity to savour all the aspects of life on Kilimanjaro! Challenge Groups only.


KILIMANJARO EXPEDITION - 11 day Climb (15 day trip from UK) - tough 100km 'twin peak' challenge - with Mount Meru first (4,556 metres) - then the steep way up Mount Kilimanjaro via Umbwe Route & Western Breach - with camping in Kilimanjaro's crater at 5,730 metres before the final push to the summit. You need to be fit - and up for it! Challenge Groups only.


DELUXE KILIMANJARO - 8 Day Kilimanjaro Climb (12 day trip from UK) - do it in style! Via quiet and remote Northern Circuit Route -  with 69 km trekking. Special 'deluxe' Kilimanjaro services - shower, personal porter, single tent, thick air mattress, training weekend - and much more! Challenge Group only.



Many who climb Kilimanjaro with us choose to fly with us - as it makes the arrangements simple. The group meets up at Heathrow Airport - and this option exits for all our Kilimanjaro Group Challenges and Bespoke Trips. We're ATOL covered - so you have nothing to worry about! 


Land Only packages...

If you would prefer to book your own flight, or are travelling from abroad, and want to meet up with our Kilimanjaro Group in Tanzania, you can do that! We will reduce the Kilimanjaro package price accordingly.


After climbing Kilimanjaro, why not extend your stay and see more of Africa!  You can choose one of our multi-day safaris to Ngorongoro Crater or the Serengeti - or why not relax for a few days in the tropical archipelago of Zanzibar, with its turquoise waters and white sands!


Alternatively, if you want to stay on, but would like to organise your own  post Kilimanjaro activities, we can simply change the return date of your flight home. 

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