Climb Kilimanjaro
Live the Dream!  Climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

Climbing Kilimanjaro in Corporate Groups

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An organisation's success depends largely on the quality of its relationships. Our Kilimanjaro Challenge events provide a highly effective and innovative way of forging, strengthening and renewing the relationships that really matter in business.
We have been working with corporate organisations for over a decade on challenge events across the globe, and have the expertise required to ensure your event is a success, creating real impact and having a lasting effect on your business.

3 climbers in front of the Mount Kilimanjaro summit signA board room table in front of a mountain scene A group of climbers having refreshments

Team Building 

Climbing Kilimanjaro provides the perfect way to fuel motivation and strengthen integration within both new and existing teams in a truly unique setting.

Leadership Development

Take your leaders out of the boardroom and on to the mountain for an iconic experience that blows the boundaries of professional development, providing deep insights into the extent of an individual's capabilities and what really drives them. A powerful experience leading to powerful learning that can be translated back into the work place.

Business Partners

The Kilimanjaro Challenge goes way beyond conventional hospitality, providing a highly emotive and memorable experience and the opportunity to really get to know your key customers and partners. Involving your suppliers and business networks can also create a real impact.

Good Causes

Your Kilimanjaro Challenge can be given a further dimension by linking to a 'Charity of the Year' fundraising programme. It will focus the group and benefit the community, whilst also providing a fantastic PR opportunity as to how an organisation is meeting its social responsibility commitments.

Our Kilimanjaro Challenge clients include...

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If you would like to find out more about how the Kilimanjaro Challenge can work for your organisation, please contact the Kilimanjaro team on +44 (0) 20 7609 6695 or send an email to


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